My 3 Moms Share Our #LoveSecrets

We women of Pixel Entertainment have been very excited to launch Anne Browning Walker’s contemporary romance, The Booby Trap.  You can check out pictures from her launch party here.  Her book officially launches on September 1st.  If you’re interested in buying the book on Amazon, however, wait till Wednesday, September 5th.  To celebrate her Amazon launch, we will be discounting it between 9 AM and 12 PM Eastern on that day.  Just check out this link.
Another way that we at My 3 Moms are celebrating Anne’s book launch is by participating in her blog tour. In The Booby Trap, the main characters, Trip and Bambi, keep secrets from each other over the course of their relationship.  And those secrets come out, sometimes with a bang.  Members of Anne’s blog tour have been divulging what secrets they discovered about their partners.  We figured we’d get in on the action!

Mama Willby

My husband is a geek.  Perhaps more accurately, a wonk.  That’s one of the reasons that I love him and why I married him.  He’s easy to be around, smart, and can dig up facts from his brain about every president, and almost everyone from that president’s cabinet.  But he has never been “cool.”  He’s not a member of the beer-swilling, Sunday game-watching, slap-you-on-the-butt crowd. I’m not cool, either, so I think we’re a perfect match.

Then, one day, we walked into a bar (yes, the story really starts that way).  We were there to play trivia with some friends.  About midway through the game, the TJ (trivia jockey, for the uninitiated) announced a sports category.  I groaned.  No one on our team knew sports, I thought.  The questions came: football, baseball, basktball.  And my husband calmly answered every single one.


He’s not part of that crowd, but my husband, the wonk, knows sports.

Mama Iz

I have known my husband since we were both kids, practically.  We couldn’t conceal our awkward growing pains phases from each other or anything after that.  We were good friends before anything more happened, so I probably told him more than I ever would have if he had actually been my boyfriend at the time.  As a result, I was pretty sure he didn’t have any secrets.  I remained secure in that knowledge until a few years ago.

I sat down to read This is New York by M. Sasek to our two young children.  It was a relatively new book to our household, and I was excited to read something I hadn’t already read a million and two times.  I opened it up and began the story.

“Mommy, Big Tony’s voice doesn’t sound like that,” the small voice of my confident daughter said as I turned the page.  I wondered to myself where in the world she had gotten that idea.  As far as I knew, there weren’t TV shows she’d watched that would have told her otherwise.  But she continued, “Do it like Daddy.”

I tried and failed.  The next time my husband was home and reading to the kids, I took a moment from getting stuff done around the house to listen to him.  I could see why my children were entranced.  The voices and sounds that came out of my husbands mouth were voices and sounds I’d never heard before – in particular, a New York accent coming from a Southerner!  From that moment on, I knew that for my kids, reading time with me would always be special.  But with their dad, it would be more than that.  It would be magical.

Mama Ben

I have thought and thought about what secrets I discovered about my husband.  We’ve been together for almost thirty years, so there had to be something.  Right?  I wracked my brain.  Nothing.  Why?  Then I knew.

To be perfectly honest, I am so inquisitive (my kids and husband call it “nosy”) and ask so many questions, that I have not discovered one thing about him through the years that I didn’t learn from the get go. No secrets! I knew exactly who I was marrying when we got married!  And this is just me – who I am.  I’m the kind of person who likes to know the end of the movie before I watch it.  I read the last chapter of a book first.   I don’t like surprises, so you can imagine that I made sure I didn’t encounter any surprises in my marriage (intentional or not)!

- Those of us who know Mama Ben know that all of this is true.  She is nosy, curious, and not one bit of shy.
What are your love secrets?  Tweet @AnneBWalker with the hashtag #lovesecrets to share, or post them on her Facebook Page!

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