The Booby Trap

A fun, new contemporary romance novel

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The Booby Trap

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By day, Bambi Benson studies to get her PhD at Harvard.  By night, she waitresses at the Booby Trap, covertly studying her coworkers.  Luckily, she looks more like a bimbo waitress with her blonde hair and big boobs than a brainy academic.  She longs to attend a conference in London, but Harvard doesn’t have the money to send her and there’s no way she can make up the difference working at the Booby Trap.

Trip Whitley is the face of his family’s dating service, Belles and Beaux.  He wants to take on a bigger role, but a new PR hire decides to control his love life and force him to date one girl for nine months as a publicity stunt.

At a friend’s bachelor party at the Booby Trap, Trip figures out a way to turn the plan on its head.  He’ll pay the bimbo waitress to date him, knowing she’ll shock Boston society and force his father to back down.

When Bambi hears Trip’s offer, she initially rejects it and him.  But when she thinks about the London conference, she reconsiders.  She’ll make the money she needs and, at the same time, show the arrogant Trip Whitley that he shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

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