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Everyday-LoveValentine’s Day is over and your house may be filled with flowers and chocolates, but there are few lasting reminders of the day that passed.  I love that we have a day to celebrate the love in our lives, whether from a significant other, family members, or friends.  But just because it’s February 15th doesn’t mean you should lose the spirit of the day.  There’s something special about love that endures every day, not just when it’s special.

When I was in college, I remember hearing an a cappella version of “This Everyday Love” by the country music trio Rascal Flatts.  It personified what I wanted in a relationship – nothing crazy, nothing that would flare up and flame out, but something that would endure and be dependable.  Here are a couple ideas to keep the “everyday love” going strong.

1) Tuck a note (maybe a leftover Valentine) in a jacket pocket, backpack, or briefcase.

A little reminder can go a long way toward brightening someone’s day.

2) Offer to do a chore you know s/he hates.

It’s such a relief to me when I come home and see something done that I didn’t want to do, and I feel so grateful.  Does your wife hate to put away the dishes?  Try doing that.  Maybe your husband would prefer not to take out the trash?  Give him a bye and do it yourself.  Both had a big week and the house is dirty?  Splurge just this once and have a maid service come by to help out (there are usually deals on sites like Groupon or Living Social).

3) Commit to reading a book or article together, then discussing it.

Maybe there’s a really thought-provoking article you’ve found in a favorite magazine.  Or perhaps you have a steamy romance you want to share to spice up your love life!  Talking it out, sharing ideas and thoughts is a great way to remind yourselves why you fell in love.

4) Start a morning ritual that involves the two of you.

Maybe you say certain words to each other, you share a prayer, you kibbutz over a cup of coffee, you wake up earlier and press the snooze button to snuggle, or you go over the day’s schedule quietly for a few minutes.  Having time (however short) just for the two of you can help keep the romance alive.

5) Do something silly.

It’s always fun when you laugh with someone.  Go see a funny movie, visit a playground and see who can swing higher, tackle him onto the bed, neck like teenagers in your driveway.  What will make both of you laugh out loud and feel like kids again?  Do it!

I hope that you find a way to make romance an everyday part of your life.

- Anne Browning Walker

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